Business Skills Tuition Reimbursement Recipient List

2020 - 2021 Business Skills Tuition Reimbursement Recipients

District 1

  • Glenda Shivers, Golden Dome Chapter

  • Sonya Wynee Lowe, Golden Dome Chapter

  • Tami Todd, Lakeland Downtown Chapter

  • Carolyn Graves, Palms of Edisonia Chapter

  • Linda Lindquist, Palms of Edisonia Chapter

District 2

  • Marion Foster, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Janice Curry, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Mattie Crocket, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Verdie Henderson, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Earnestine Williams, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Diana Perry, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Rita Greenwell, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Vicki Marlett, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Deanna Jones, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Tesha Shannon, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Donna Arnold, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Robin McCoy, Charisma Charter Chapter

  • Michelle Becker, Houston Area Professional Express Network

District 3

  • Janice Jensen, Kansas City Express Network

  • Carrie Bingham, Kansas City Express Network

  • Janelle Burlin, Kansas City Express Network

  • Nancy Ballenger, Kansas City Express Network

  • June Mills, Mo-Kan Chapter

  • Sharon Corben, Mo-Kan Chapter

  • Jennie Darby, Mo-Kan Chapter

  • Kathleen Richer, Mo-Kan Chapter

  • Krina Snider, Mo-Kan Chapter

  • Beth Zans, Mo-Kan Chapter

  • Meg Bell, Mo-Kan Chapter

  • Kim Dixon, Mo-Kan Chapter

District 4

  • Michelle Siejak, Lancaster Area Express Network

  • Marianne Lawrence, River City Express Network

  • Susan Holt, River City Express Network

District 5

  • Jo Ann Huebner, Greater Oakland Charter Chapter

  • Mary Mills, Greater Oakland Charter Chapter

  • Marilyn Lash, Greater Oakland Charter Chapter

  • Elaine Study, Raintree Chapter

  • Wendy Wilker, Raintree Chapter

  • Karen Johnson, Raintree Chapter

District 6

  • Cecile Harris Walters, MPA, Diamonds of Southbay Chapter

  • Karen Oliver, Diamonds of Southbay Chapter

  • Dee Kirtley, Diamonds of Southbay Chapter

  • JoAnn Osby, Diamonds of Southbay Chapter

  • Robin Sawamura, Pathfinder Chapter